Reskin and Launch your app fast with A full video course!
Our detailed and step by step video course walks you through everything you need to know to launch a high end casino slots game.  This course helps organize your project so it stays on track! The element of video lessons + actionable steps + the ability to check off that step when complete is powerful. The bite sized tasks keep you thinking about your game..not what you need to do next. Great for people that only have a set amount of time a day to dedicate to this project. Get the most out of that time using our experience and resources. Learn the tricks we use to save time and produce a high quality game efficiently and on budget. 
Why You Should Choose Us?

We've published over 125 apps

We have learned tips and ticks to save you time and most important: Your sanity!  Don't stay up late trying to figure something out when you could learn everything you need to know about this template inside the course. 

First Class Support

If you have every contacted us in the past with any questions or issues you know how prompt eager we are to help.  Hopefully you never have any issues, but if you do we are here for you!

Designed for Reskinning 

We have reskinned many other developers app templates and used very difficult to understand written tutorials. Not this one!

Time is Money

There is no one better to put a course on how to reskin the app than the developers that created it and reskinned multiple times. Save time and headaches. 
See the inside the course below by watching the short video
Don't forget how much it costs to pay someone else to reskin your app!
You could buy some stock graphics or have some made, buy this course and be "in" way less than you would be to may another developer or company to do it for you.
You will also gain valuable knowledge on how to the process works so if you get a quote down the road for another project you will know if it's accurate.   Opening up the Xcode project back in October of 2012 for the first app I had created to see how it worked was a great move! That allowed me to "reskin" that app to create my 2nd, 3rd and so on before people ever used the word, "reskinning". 

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